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Server Rules

on Mon Sep 11, 2017 10:22 am
Server Rules

Disclaimer: These rules are different to the vast majority of Darkrp servers. This is because we agree with the maker of Darkrp that too many servers ruin Roleplay with ‘Donate for admin’ features because they care more about money than the community and anti-fun measures like Failrp, NLR, FearRP and the likes. The rules below are important not to see what you CAN’T do (like in most servers) but what you now have the freedom TO DO.

General Rules:
1.) Use common sense - seems sensible? Do it. Seems questionable? Don't.
2.) Do not Mass RDM.
3.) Be respectful to people outside of roleplay.
4.) Do not spam chat or voice chat in a non-roleplay friendly manner. If there are complaints our skilled and competent admins will decide whether it is roleplay friendly. So again, common sense. If it seems okay, it will be! If it’s blatant trolling then you will be punished.

Building Rules:
1.) While building you can have entities in your base. But other people can also come into your base and take these entities.
2.) A player must be able to enter your base using a keypad cracker, lockpick or combination of both - going through no more than 3 fading doors. Keypads must hold for 10 seconds without delay. Keypads must be clearly visible without obstacle.
3.) Hobo’s can build in public areas. Other classes have to build in private areas.
4.) No footshoot or headshot bases. No blacked out props.
5.) KOS signs on private property are allowed
6.) Do not abuse no-collide to hide in or behind props to shoot players.

Props and Entities:
1.) This one is VERY easy. Don’t troll and don’t harass, don’t spam or climb or kill or push or trap or block or bridge. What that means is ultimately up to you - we won’t provide definitions and example videos of each. But if there are complaints the admin on duty will make the final decision.

Raiding Classes:
1.) Any class can raid provided they have a suitable roleplay reason.
2.) You do not have to wait in-between raids.
3.) You may occupy bases.

Mugging Rules:
1.) Any class can mug provided they have a suitable roleplay reason.

1.) Don’t use OOC to act on roleplay
2.) Any class may buy a printer. Even cops! But if a cop is found to be printing money we recommend you demote them for being corrupt.
3.) Do not mass baton rush with the arrest stick.
4.) Self-supply is legal but if a player is doing it without selling to others we recommend you demote them!
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