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How Does The Admin System Work?

on Mon Sep 11, 2017 5:08 pm
How Does The Admin System Work?

Unlike most servers we do not allow users to pay for admin. This is for the simple reason that we care more about the community than about making money. While some donor admins are great, others are often the exact opposite. Likewise we believe in a freer, less-strict roleplay system hence why we do not enforce NLR, FearRP and have walls of text as our rule page. This can only work if we have a skilled and competent group of admins to manage the server to ensure this system is not being exploited. 

If someone wants to become admin all they have to do is get involved with the community and play on the server. Once we believe you've contributed enough then we will ask you to apply for admin on the forums. Once you've done that we'll have a look at your application and decide whether or not the time is right to welcome you onto our management team. 

We understand that this may put some people off the server who like the idea of being donor admins but we ask them to consider the idea of donor admins for a second. Would you rather us make some quick money while welcoming in trolls and cheaters into our management team - or focus on the community and everyone having fun.

The best way forward is clear.
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